Image of Razor - Executioner's Song CD Digipak

Razor - Executioner's Song CD Digipak

by Razor


"Executioner's Song" is the first full-lenght from Canuck thrashers Razor. As might be expected from an early thrash metal release of this nature, Razor unleash a barrage of menacing, frantic riffs and drum grooves. Each song beats you over the head relentlessly, never giving up the assault until the album ends. The songs have some obvious influences in the likes of Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Judas Priest, but then again which early thrash bands weren't influenced by these metal monsters?

On this album vocalist Stace ``Sheepdog``Mclaren has a Motorhead-inspired shout for the most but also unleashes some high screams and squeals to keep things interesting. growls.

What Razor have managed to capture here is raw, aggressive, youthful energy much like Metallica's "Kill 'Em All".

Track listing:

1. Take This Torch
2. Fast and Loud
3. City of Damnation
4. Escape the Fire
5. March of Death
6. Distant Thunder
7. Hot Metal
8. Gatecrasher
9. Deathrace
10. Time Bomb
11. The End