Image of Razor - Open Hostility CD
  • Image of Razor - Open Hostility CD
  • Image of Razor - Open Hostility CD

Razor - Open Hostility CD

by Razor

$13.99 / Coming Soon

1991's thrash metal soundtrack to the apocalypse now with 8 bonus tracks including demos and previously unreleased songs!

Deluxe reissues of classic Canadian thrash records! Completely remastered, comes with super deluxe packaging and tons of unreleased bonus songs. A Canadian thrash institution for over 3 decades, Razor have toured the world with the likes of Slayer, Venom and Motorhead. An iconic cult band finally getting the deluxe treatment they deserve!

Track list:

1. In Protest
2. Sucker For Punishment
3. Bad Vibrations
4. Road Gunner
5. Cheers
6. Red Money
7. Free Lunch
8. Iron Legions
9. Mental Torture
10. Psychopath
11. I Disagree
12. End Of The War
13. Tow The Line - Unreleased Track Late 1990
14. Taking The Strain - Unreleased Track Late 1990
15. Violent Propensity Unreleased Track Late 1990
16. Taking The Strain (Instrumental Version) Unreleased Late 1990
17. End of The War - Rehearsal with Rob Mills
18. Tow The Line - Instrumental Demo With Programmed Drums
19. Red Money - Instrumental Demo
20. Iron Legions - Instrumental Demo

Metal speed metal thrash metal heavy metal speed metal thrash thrash metal Canada.